It was a beautiful sunny warm day, perfect for going somewhere outdoors, and August 6 was just crammed full of things to do in and around Sequim. Picking and choosing which ones to go to was difficult. Hubby wanted to see the 5th annual Sequim Prairie Nights classic car show, so that was must see.

Washington Street is the main east-west street through Sequim. Three blocks of it were closed to vehicle traffic and lined with about a hundred classic cars from the earliest days of automotive history and up to and including 1983. So much chrome, so much shine, so much fun! I loved talking to owners about their cars and oohing-and-ahhhing over them.

Classic cars lining the street at Sequim Prairie Nights car show

Three blocks of classic cars!

Classic cars lining the street at Sequim Prairie Nights car show

I do love old pickup trucks, especially ones that shine. I feel the need to take my car to the car wash now.

1950s Ford Crown Victoria

This 1950s Ford Crown Victoria, complete with A&W drive-in mug of root beer, burger and fries was one of my favorites. 

1969 Nova at the Sequim Prairie Nights car show

My first car was a rootbeer brown 1969 Chevy Nova. It was beat up, dented and barely running, but I loved it. So of course I had to stop and chat with the owner of this beautifully restored 1969 Nova. It was also for sale, for $22,500.  I tried so hard to talk hubby into buying it.

This Chevy pickup truck got into the whimsy as well.

Rolling out at the Sequim Prairie Nights car show

When you’ve got a Chevy Chevelle SS muscle car, you’re entitled to this license plate!

Then it was on to the Unity of Effort celebration. It’s kind of an odd name, but it’s a first-responder recognition festival, offering demonstrations and tours of military helicopters, fire trucks, police cars and other first responder units from all over the Pacific Northwest.

I headed for the back of the field first, where there were helicopters from the Army, Navy, Department of Natural Resources and Lifeflight open for tours.

US Army Chinook helicopter

US Army Chinook helicopter was mighty impressive. And loud! It flew over our house on the way to the event and the thump-thump-thump of the rotors had the walls of my little house vibrating.

After touring the inside, I did not swing on the rope to exit like these kids. Really, I swear. *wink*

The Department of Natural Resources copter was tiny in comparison to the Army’s Chinook and Navy’s Night Hawk helicopters.

Department of Fish & Wildlife Poacher Wall of Shame

The Department of Fish & Wildlife’s “Poachers Wall of Shame” fascinates these boys. (And me too.)

This haypile hides bunches of toys for the kids to find.

The Port Angeles Police Department K9 unit put on a demonstration.

Sequim Rotary's 53 Salmon Bake

Despite the 85 degree temperatures, the Sequim Rotary hosted its 53rd Salmon Bake, raising money for the Sequim Boys & Girls Club, an adaptive bicyle program and Sequim students. 

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