After nearly three years, the Jamestown S’Kallam Tribal Library reopened last weekend. While I didn’t have a chance to go to the grand opening ceremony, I did make it out later in the week. The award winning library is open to the public and specializes in materials by and about Native American Indians with a special focus on the people of the Pacific Northwest.

The Heron Hall Library

The gorgeous new Heron Hall Library.

The old Heron Hall Library.

Looking out the main entrance.

Interior views of the library:

Quileute Marina at La Push
Quileute Marina at La Push
Quileute Marina at La Push

There’s a twelve seat movie room, showing three separate videos on a loop, one recounting stories of the Jamestown S’Kallam tribe, and two about the 1974 Boldt Decision which dealt with tribal fishing rights and Native American tribal sovereignty.

Display of paddles in the main library. The sign at the bottom reads: “Paddles are made with pride and skill, and Native paddlers consider them as sacred as they are the meeting place between them and the water. These paddles have been generously loaned by James S’Kallam Tribal Citizens. Most are actively used during Tribal Canoe Journey or other events. Jamestown paddles are longer and more pointed than those for rivers or shallower water. The pointed part was for when they brought the canoe up on the beach, they would drive the paddle into the sand and tie the canoe to it.”

Just a peek at the cultural exhibit. To protect ownership and copyright, the Tribe asks that photos not be taken of the exhibits.

Go visit and lose yourself for an hour or three in this culturally exquisite library!

Things to keep in mind:

  • The library is open 9-5, Monday-Friday
  • Photos are not permitted in the Cultural Exhibit space

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